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Caribbean Scuba Diving

Caribbean Scuba Diving can be a relaxed resort dive from a quite beach or adiving adventure on the Belize Barrier Reef. Discover an exotic magnetism that lures divers from all over the world.

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Last Minute Diving Holiday Tips

A last minute diving holiday can be fun for the whole family and there are some excellent last minute deals worldwide. Here are our tips for finding the best last minute or all inclusive scuba diving vacation.

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Planning Scuba Diving Vacations

Scuba Diving Vacations can be one of the best things about scuba diving, but the planning can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you plan a better scuba vacation.

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The Latest Scuba News

We have the latest scuba news from one of the best web news providers on the internet, Scuba Travel, Ltd. Here you can find daily scuba news updated every day.

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Dive Tenerife

When you come to dive Tenerife, expect to be treated to beautiful and magical underwaterworld. Diving Tenerife offers a variety of diving environments for divers of all levels.

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Scuba Diving Holidays in Egypt

Scuba Diving Holidays in Egypt have been popular among divers for many, many years and without adoubt, still are today! Sharm el Sheikh is most definitely one of those sunny all-year-round scuba diving holiday destination,so you can swap that cold winter wherever you are for that sunny holiday you've been dreaming of!

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Can very Short-Sighted People Scuba Dive?

Hi, My dream has ALWAYS been to scuba dive, but my vision is now very myopic (short-sighted) and is about 20/1240 in each eye and I also have significent

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