Advanced Scuba Certification

Advanced Scuba Certification

The Ticket to Better Diving

Advanced Scuba Certification Dive An Advanced Scuba Certification will give you the advanced knowledge and skills to dive some of the best dive sites in the world. Some dive destinations have sites that require divers to have an Advanced Open Water (AOW) Certification or above. The reason for this is dive operators do not want to put an open water diver in a situation they are not trained for nor has experience in like currents or deep, blue water.

An AOW course is a great way to get deeper into diving. There are five dives necessary to complete the certification. There are two dives that are required. These core dives are the Underwater Navigation Dive and the Deep Dive. You can choose three more from a long list of Specialty dives. Dives like...

  • Wreck Diving

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • Night Diver

  • Underwater Photographer

  • Search and Recovery Diver

...are just a few you can choose from. All of these dives will help refine your basic skills and introduce you to new challenges.

The Importance of an AOW Course

One of the great things about an Advanced Scuba Certification is it lets you gain diving experience while under the indirect supervision of an instructor. Many dive shop owners feel this is so important they encourage divers to start an AOW course right after they finish their open water course. Some scuba certification programs offer the Open Water Certification and Advanced Open Water Certification as a package.

Advanced Scuba Certification Dive Another great thing about an AOW certification is you learn advanced skills that give you more confidence in the water. Every new diver has had problems like surfacing to far from their exit point or kicking up sand and beating the coral to death.

The Underwater Navigation Dive teaches you to use an underwater compass and natural navigation to find your way back to your exit point without surfacing and avoid a long surface swim.

Peak Performance Buoyancy helps divers move effortlessly while diving instead of feeling like an underwater yo-yo. With an AOW certification you move beyond the Open Water depth limit of 60 feet/18 meters and increase your depth limit to 100 feet/30 meters.

All divers want to capture and safe those great dive memories. Some pay for pictures or videos taken by an Underwater Photographer that tags along on the dive. Others take the Underwater Photography Dive and take their own pictures and videos. That way they can tell their friends back home, "I took that picture of the shark". Each Advanced Dive that you do can be counted as the first dive of that specialty scuba certification. Having five different specialty scuba certifications is a prerequisite for the Master Scuba Diver Certification; the most recognized and respected certification in Recreational Diving.

Getting an Advanced Scuba Certification should be a no brainier for divers. There is no better way to become a safe and responsible diver.

Wreck Diving

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