Anguilla Diving

Anguilla Diving

A Well Kept Secret

Anguilla is a small island in the northern Leeward Islands, a short ferry ride from French St. Martin. Anguilla is known mainly for its turquoise waters and beautiful white sand beaches (over 30). Its exclusive hotels are known for catering to the worlds rich and famous. But below the waters surrounding Anguilla is a well kept secret.
Anguilla Scuba Diving

Anguilla Diving used to be limited to shallow off shore diving on fringing coral reefs. In the 1980's a group of people had a vision to improve the scuba diving around Anguilla. They started a program to intentionally sink ships to create an artificial reef system. The Anguilla government helped develop seven marine parks to protect the reefs and wrecks around Anguilla. The result is an island with a large range of diving environments.

Anguilla scuba diving now boasts eight wreck dive sites and excellent reef and mini wall dives. These dive sites are great for both novice and advanced divers. The depth ranges from 15 ft (5 m) to 100 ft (33 m). There has been a lot of coral growth and an increase in marine life. Schools of bait fish, jacks and a variety of damsel fish can be found when diving Anguilla.

Anguilla hosts a very special attraction, the El Buen Consejo. This is a 960-ton Spanish galleon that sank in 1772. The wreck rests silently on the ocean floor with its cannon and cargo in about 40 feet (12.5m) of water. The site has made a historical marine park under the supervision of marine archaeologists. If you're scuba diving Anguilla, this dive site is one that you do not want to miss.

If you are thinking about diving Anguilla, here is some useful information.

  • Island Climate: 75-85 F (24-29 C)

  • Water Temp: 77-83 F (25-28 C)

  • Visibility: 60ft-100ft (18m-30m)

There are two main dive centers on the island.

Anguillian Divers Meads Bay 1-264-497-4750

Shoal Bay Scuba Shoal Bay 1-264-497-4371

The dive operators of Anguilla are seasoned professionals dedicated to giving their divers a safe and enjoyable diving experience. Feel free to contact either of these dive shops for more details on the diving around Anguilla and dive packages they offer.

Scuba Diving Anguilla

Anguilla Diving Travel Tips

A passport and return ticket are required to enter Anguilla. There are several ways to get to Anguilla. The island is 20 minutes from French St. Martin by ferry. You can fly directly into Anguilla's Wallblake Airport from Puerto Rico on American Eagle or LIAT. You can also fly to St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Thomas, or St. Kitts and easily get a connecting flight to Anguilla.

For information on accommodations, contact your travel agent or the Anguilla Department of Tourism:

(264) 497-2759 USA: (516) 452-0900 UK: (171) 937-7725

You may not come to Anguilla just to dive, but if you're visiting Anguilla or any of the nearby islands its worth the time and effort to dive into Anguilla.

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