How to Improve Scuba Diving Air Consumption

How to Improve Scuba Diving Air Consumption

by Frank

I have been diving for little over a year and still struggle with my scuba diving air consumption. I am usually one of the first to run low on air. What can I do to get a longer bottom time?


Hi Frank,

To improve my scuba diving air consumption when I first started diving, I worked on two things. The first was trying to relax while I was diving and the other was learning to control my breathing rhythm.

Learning to relax is important because it makes everything else much easier. I'ts much easier to swim in a horizontal position. Your movement underwater is more fluid when you are relaxed.

I worked on my breathing rhythm by doing the hovering exercise everyone learns in an open water class. When you can hover motionless in the water by controlling your breathing, you are on your way to better air consumption.

Every diver whats all the bottom tile we are allowed. I hope this tips help you extend your time underwater.


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Apr 04, 2010
by: Steve

Something I would like to add on ways to improve air consumption is if you are carrying to much weight then your bouyancy will be affected, if you are not neutrally bouyant you can not get a relaxed breathing pattern.Most divers are over weighted, but thats a hole other topic.Jim and I spent hours in St Maarten helping students with this problem.I hope this helps.
Steve (south florida)

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