Information for Scuba Diving

Information for Scuba Diving

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Frequently Asked Scuba Diving Questions

To read about scuba diving questions submitted by other divers and the answers they received, click on the links below to go to the page their question created...

Normal Amount of Time a Scuba Diver Can Spend Under water 
Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out with a couple of questions. I am new to diving and was wondering what the normal amount of time spent …

Multiple Scuba Diving Ascents in One Day. 
we are required to do multiple bounce dives to 50 ft as much as can be accomplished per day there are 70 dive locations. I am concerned about the quantity …

How to Control Buoyancy While Diving 
i have been a certified diver for about 6 months and i have a problem controling my buoyancy when i dive.I am constantly adding or releasing air from my …

How to Improve Scuba Diving Air Consumption 
I have been diving for little over a year and still struggle with my scuba diving air consumption. I am usually one of the first to run low on air. What …

Can very Short-Sighted People Scuba Dive? Not rated yet
Hi, My dream has ALWAYS been to scuba dive, but my vision is now very myopic (short-sighted) and is about 20/1240 in each eye and I also have significent …

Scuba and Depth Not rated yet
How deep can scuba divers dive? Answer: Hi Connor, Thanks for your question. The limit for recreational scuba diving is 130 ft (40 …

Too Old to Become a Scuba Instructor?  Not rated yet
At the age of 40 am I too old to begin a career in recreational diving as an instructor ..? Answer: Hi Dave, I remember asking myself …

Gas Laws and Scuba Diving Not rated yet
why divers need to understand gas laws. Answer: Hi Mike, It is important for divers to understand gas laws in order to dive safely. Knowing …

Internships Not rated yet
Hi there. We are researching facilities to do our Scuba internships. So far we have only found a handful mainly in Thailand. If anyone has had an experience …

Is An Octopus(Alternet Second Stage) Required for Scuba Diving Not rated yet
I am a returning diver after logging in approx. 40 dives. I want to buy new equipment. I an octopus really required on dives? Thanks. Answer: …

Diving Weights and Neutral Buoyancy Not rated yet
I recently got my diving certification and would like to improve my neutral buoyancy. I will be going to a nearby quarry. My question involves the proper …

SCUBA COURSES Not rated yet

Kids and Scuba Diving Not rated yet
My daughter came home yesterday all excited about a scuba diving offered by a local dive shop.She and her friends want to give it a try . How safe is scuba …

Dangers and Risks of Scuba Diving  Not rated yet
What are the top five dangers of scuba diving? Answer: Hi, Scuba diving is a great sport, but like other extreme activities, it has certain …

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