Kids and Scuba Diving

Kids and Scuba Diving

by Edwin

My daughter came home yesterday all excited about a scuba diving offered by a local dive shop.She and her friends want to give it a try . How safe is scuba diving for my 14 year old daughter.



It sounds like your daughter has the opportunity to start a great adventure. It is only natual that, as a parent you are concerned about her safety.

Scuba diving is an extreme sport and holds certain risks for kids and adults. But the training is the same, reguardless of age. Your daughter would have master to the same scuba skills and techniques to earn a scuba certification as you would. An addional safety factor is, anyone holding a Junior Scuba Certification must be accompanied by a scuba certified adult.

More and more dive shops are catering to the younger generation of divers. They take every possible measure to ensure the safety of young divers. I'm sure the school has checked out the company offering the scuba program to make sure there are no safety issues.

Scuba diving is a great family sport. Many parents will do a scuba course with their kids. This is a great adventure they can enjoy together.
Plus, being your kids dive buddy will ease your mind about the safety thing.


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