Getting Your Kids Scuba Diving Can Lead to a Great Family Adventure

Getting Your Kids Scuba Diving

Almost every scuba certifying agency has scuba courses designed to get kids scuba diving. A program like PADI's Bubble Makers and Seal Team teach kids the basics of diving and lets them get used to the sensation of breathing underwater. Other programs like Scuba Rangers are activity based scuba clubs for kids.

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Junior Scuba Diver Certification Dive These programs are for kids ages 8 to 12 and are designed to teach basic skills that lead to full open water certification. They teach kids how to have good sense around water and increase awareness of water safety. They also help kids build confidence, self-esteem and pride. This is done in the safety of a pool with real diving equipment, and under the direct supervision of a qualified instructor.

Programs like these help kids get ready for a junior scuba diver certification. Junior diving certifications are available for kids between the ages of 10 and 14. These certifications are the same as an adult certification except they place restrictions on how deep the diver can dive. Kids with a Junior Scuba Diver Certification are required to dive with a certified adult.

Getting your kid scuba diving could lead them to any number of exciting careers. They could become underwater explores, underwater archaeologists, treasure hunters, marine biologists, or marine conservationists. Or they could just dive for the excitement of discovering the many neat creatures that live in the sea. So Mom and Dad, don't freak out if your child wants to become a scuba kid.

Anyone can learn to scuba dive. Diving is not just for adults and older kids, it is a sport for kids of all ages. Get the whole family scuba diving and discover the ultimate family sport.

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