Multiple Scuba Diving Ascents in One Day.

Multiple Scuba Diving Ascents in One Day.

we are required to do multiple bounce dives to 50 ft as much as can be accomplished per day there are 70 dive locations.
I am concerned about the quantity of accents on scuba. what are your views on this.


Hi Wayne,

Thanks for your question. To answer it I went to the most conservative dive planner I know, the PADI Dive Tables.

I ran a profile based on dives no deeper than 50 feet and a bottom time of no longer than 7 minutes. According to the dive planner, I was able to make 8 dives before PADI said I was required to make a safety stop at 15 feet for 3 minutes.

If you use a dive computer, you will get a more liberal profile. Plus, it is easier to track your dives.

When doing bounce dives, as with all dives, stay within your depth and time limits and ascend as slow as possible. This will allow for a little more nitrogen off-gassing and increase your margin of safety.

I hope this information helps.


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Apr 23, 2010
"bounce" Diving
by: Brett

Hi Wayne and Jim,

Before providing an answer on ?bounce? diving I think it would be important to exactly define what a ?bounce? dive is.

To me a bounce dive is a dive where you conduct a rapid decent and a rapid accent with a very short bottom time, any multiple dives of this type are dangerous in my opinion.

Irrespective of what tables you use, the accumulation of nitrogen can not be ignored nor treated with disdain.

Multiple dives to 50ft, in a normal divemaster/guide/instructor situation, within dive tables, be that computer or otherwise, adhering to correct ascent rates etc, is a different situation to ?bounce? diving.

I think more information is needed about the dives before any meaningful advice can be given.

We make our own decisions when diving and any prudent diver should obtain as much information he or she can prior to conducting a dive or series of dives they may not understand. I for one will not do multiple ?bounce? dives. That?s my choice.


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