Saba Diving

Saba Diving

Unspoiled and Pristine

"Welcome to Jurassic Park," the captain of the ferry said as we approached the island of Saba. I came to do some world class Saba Diving, but now it seemed like we were stepping back in time to some prehistoric island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

The Netherlands Antilles island of Saba looks like what it is, a dormant volcano. The top of the island, known as Mt. Scenery, rises from a base of only 5 sq. miles/7.5 sq. km to a height of 3000 feet/938 meters. Seeing Saba for the first time is as spectacular as diving Saba for the first time.

Saba Diving

Saba's rich marine environment includes an abundance of marine life and some very interesting underwater terrain, including lava tunnels and hot springs. The dive sites nearest to shore offer some extremely varied diving. These sites will have a depth of 20-130 feet/6.5 to 43 meters and are suitable for divers with Open Water Certification and above.

Long known for deep diving, the most popular sites for Saba scuba diving are the offshore sea mounts and pinnacles. Like a mountain range rising from the ocean floor, Saba's pinnacle dives will leave you breathless. This is Saba diving at its best. Since you have to dive to a depth of 80-90 feet/25-28 meters, it's best to be have an advanced open water certification or above.

Saba Scuba Diving

Probably the most popular pinnacle dive on Saba is Shark Shoals. Rising from about 300 feet/94 meters to within 90 feet/30 meters of the surface, this is truly an amazing dive. The best part of the dive is at about 120 feet/40 meters. You can see big purple and orange sponges growing from the walls of the pinnacles. Schools of fish are everywhere. Everything from jacks to damsel fish call Shark Shoals home. And yes, you have a very, very good chance of seeing sharks. This was the first of many dives for me on Saba and still remains one of my favorites.

Saba Sharks

Saba Marine Park

In 1987, Saba scuba diving welcomed a one of a kind marine park. The Saba Marine Park was established with a strong conservative attitude dedicated to protecting the marine environment around Saba. The park has installed and maintains moorings at all the dive sites. The Saba Marine Park and the three resident dive shops on Saba work together to ensure the well being of Saba's underwater wonderland.

Thanks to the Dutch Navy, Saba Marine Park has its own four person recompression chamber. The chamber is operated and maintained by volunteers from all the dive shops and the Marine Park.

Saba Facts

  • Getting there is easy. You can take a short flight or ferry ride from St. Maarten to Saba.

  • Because of Saba's tropical climate, diving is offered year round. Winter-78 F/26 C - Summer-85 F/29 C

  • There are three dive shops on Saba. The people who operate these shops are diving professionals dedicated to the safety and enjoyment of their clients. They can be contacted for more information about dive sites, Saba travel, and advanced bookings for diving and accommodations.

  • Saba Tourist Office - 011/599-62231, USA 1/800/722-2394

Saba Dive Shops

Saba Deep Dive Center

Mike Myers

P.O. Box 22

Fort Bay, Saba, N.A.

Email: or

Phone: 011/599-3347 or Toll Free USA 1-866-416-3347

Saba Divers

Barbara and Wolfgang Tooten

P.O. Box 543

Windwardside, Saba, N.A.


Phone: 011/599-416-2740

Sea Saba

Lynn Castenaro and John Magor

P.O. Box 598

Windwardside, Saba,N.A.


Phone: 011/599-416-2246 or Toll Free USA 1-800-883-SABA

Saba Diving is some of the best diving in the world. Saba is truly an unspoiled and pristine dive destination.

Diving Saba Reef

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