Scuba and Depth

Scuba and Depth

by Connor

How deep can scuba divers dive?


Hi Connor,

Thanks for your question.

The limit for recreational scuba diving is 130 ft (40 meters). But this should only be attempted by divers with advanced training and experience with deep diving. Most certifying agencies recommend that novice divers stay 60 feet (18 meters) or shallower. Just because you can go to 130 feet doesn't mean that you have to go that deep.

As a diver goes deeper, the risks become greater. Problems like nitrogen narcosis, oxygen toxicity, and running out of air sometimes develop when diving deep. It takes special training to understand, recognize and handle these problems. Technical scuba training will prepare divers to go much deeper than 130 ft. The depth record for diving with scuba is over 1000 ft (300 meters).

I hope this answers your question and thanks again.



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