Scuba Diving Careers

Scuba Diving Careers

Scuba Jobs That Can Help Turn a Passion into a Profession

Scuba Diving Careers

Scuba diving careers can help a diver turn their passion for scuba diving into a rewarding profession. There is nothing better than to get paid for what you love to do.

Millions of people each year take the time to become certified divers. Many use the sport of scuba diving as a get away. They escape to some exotic dive location half way around the world to take a break from a 9-5 job and daily routine. Some discover the opportunity of scuba diving jobs at these dive locations. What started out as a short get away often turns into a permanent move with a job.

For me getting a scuba diving job was the only way to satisfy my addiction to diving. Like many other divers I grew to love the sport so much, I just couldn't get enough bottom time. So I decided to get certified as a scuba instructor.

Divemaster Jobs

While living in the Caribbean I found there where many scuba diving jobs available. Dive shops employed scuba instructors and divemasters. There where also diving jobs in the marine construction and boating industry. The only question was what job to go for.

Getting a job in the diving industry isn't always easy. The first thing you need is to be a certified diver. The next thing is to decide if you want to work in the recreational diving sector or the commercial diving sector. Both fields are very rewarding but both are very different.

Recreational Scuba Diving Jobs

With all the growth in the recreational diving sector, it holds the most opportunities for scuba diving careers. Being able to work as a qualified scuba instructor or divemaster means you can work any where on the planet. There are dive centers and dive shop any where there is warm water.

Scuba Diving Jobs

You can find divemaster scuba instructor jobs on tropical resorts, liveaboards, cruise ships and private yachts. Though these jobs seem glamorous, the training is tough and the work is demanding. Divemasters and scuba instructors do two to four dives a day. They are also responsible for training, safety for students and certified divers, conducting dive tours for certified divers, maintaining scuba gear and filling tanks.

Working as a recreational diving professional is just one of many satisfying and rewarding scuba diving careers.

Scuba Divning Careers in Commercial Diving

Commercial diving is another field where certified divers can find scuba jobs. This industry includes diving for scientific research, underwater photography and video, marine construction and marine conservation.

Commerical Diving Jobs

Another area of commercial diving is military and police diving. The good thing about this type of diving is it does not cost to get certified. The training comes with the job. The bad thing about this type of diving is it is usually in less than desirable conditions such as low visibility and confined spaces.

Commercial diving is a very demanding. It requires advanced knowledge in decompression theory and training skills such as surveying, engineering and underwater welding. Because of working for long periods in the water, these scuba jobs also require an above average degree of psychical fitness.

Our pages, Scuba Diving Jobs in Recreational Diving and Commercial Diving Jobs ,we outline things like job descriptions, what to expect from the job, what training is needed for different scuba jobs and what type of salary you should expect.

Not intested in working as a dive instrutor or commercial diver? Maybe these free lance scuba diving job opportunities are what you are looking for. Some dive jobs are a bit off the beaten path and are not what comes to mind when you think about a scuba profession. They are, however a great way to earn money working in the water. These lesser known scuba jobs may be the opportunity you need to turn your love of scuba diving into a profession.

On our pages, Resorces for Scuba Diving Employment in Recreational Diving and Finding Commercial Diving Employment ,we provide a list of web sites that offer scuba job listings in recreational diving. We feel this list offers the most relevant information for diving jobs.

Scuba diving takes us on an incredible adventure of exploration and discovery. Many divers dream of turning their hobby into a job they can get paid for. If they can do this they find scuba diving careers that give them two rewards; pleasure and money.

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