Scuba Diving Holidays in Egypt

Scuba Diving Holidays in Egypt

Scuba Diving Holidays in Egypt have been popular among divers for many, many years and without a doubt, still are today! With it's exotic coastlines, modern style resorts and ancient, historic architecture, Egypt is one of the most unique scuba diving holiday destinations in the world. Not only can you enjoy world class scuba diving, you can also look back in time and see much about what the ancient civilizations were like and what they achieved through innovative engineering techniques.

And that's not all. There are also some great things for non divers to enjoy. There are watersports activities in the beautiful sea or in one of Egypts popular water parks. If you're not diving, you can take the opportunity to do a bit of shopping or simply relaxe on a beach! Scuba diving holidays in Egypt have something for everyone, no matter what your tastes or priorities

If you're looking for laid back scuba diving holidays in Egypt, then the resort of Sharm el Sheikh is the number one spot for you! With a baking 37 degrees celsius in the summertime and a more than comfortable 27 degrees celsius in the winter, Sharm el Sheikh is most definitely one of those sunny all-year-round scuba diving holiday destinations. You can swap that cold winter wherever you are for that sunny holiday you've been dreaming of!

Scuba diving holidays in Egypt offer such beautiful weather that there is no excuse not to don the swim wear and take to the waters of the Red Sea. Here you will find over 250 coral reefs and over one thousand species of fish, not to mention the other fantastic marine life that resides in the area. This is why Sharm el Sheikh is one of the most popular scuba diving holiday destinations in the world!

Just 50 miles (80 km) to the north of Sharmel Sheikh is the coastal town of Dahab. Ringed by mountains and desert, this harsh, arid landscape is a sharp contract to the beauty of the splendid reef and coral formatioins that can be found just offshore. The Blue Hole, the Canyon and the Bells, and Gabr El Bint are must-sees when diving in Dahab.

Liveaboards are another way to enjoy scuba diving holidays in Egypt. A popular liveaboard destination is The Brothers. These two isolated pinnacles (Little Brother and Big Brother) are 1 mile (1km) apart and are 36 miles (58 km) offshore in the northern part of the Red Sea. The Brothers are known for some amazing shark encounters. Many different shark species can be spotted here, including the great hammerhead and oceanic white-tip. On a good day, you might be able to see a passing thresher shark.

There are also some great sites to see on dry land, both natural and man made. This include the awe-inspiring Sinai mountain range, which stretches for more than 23 thousand miles and the famous city of Luxor (formerly the ancient city of Thebes). Here visitors can see some amazing historic sites like Luxor Temple and The Valley of the Kings. This area houses the burial sites of over 500 years of the Egyptian dynasties.

If you really fancy seeing the sites that Egypt is most famous for, then why not take a trip to the city of Giza to check out the Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. These two colossal structures are viewable from the town itself! Located on the west bank of the Nile and holding the title of third largest city in Egypt, Giza has bustling city streets where there is much to keep you entertained all holiday long!

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