Scuba Diving Puerto Rico

Scuba Diving Puerto Rico

Diving the Caribbean's Enchanted Island

Diving in Puerto Rico

Scuba diving Puerto Rico is considered by many divers to be the Caribbean's best kept underwater secret. When scuba diving in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, divers can explore reefs that are the breeding grounds for many unique types of marine life including seahorses, octopus, squid and many other types of tropical fish.

In 2006 Puerto Rico scuba diving won one of Scuba Diving Magazine's Reader Choice Awards. Readers named Puerto Rico one of the Top Five Destinations for Shore Diving in the northern Caribbean region. Puerto Rico is also considered to be one of the Top 20 Overall Dive Destinations in this region.

It's easy to see why many divers choose Puerto Rico for a Caribbean scuba vacation.

Puerto Rico's Diving Environment

Puerto Rico is truly a diver's paradise. The crystal blue waters around the island offer a temperature of 81 F (28 C). Visibility off the beach can sometimes reach 60-75 feet (18-27 meters) and well over 100 feet (33 meters) offshore.

Coral in Puerto Rico

Because the continental shelf surrounds the island on three sides, scuba diving Puerto Rico consists of miles of coral reefs, trenches, overhangs and sea walls. Much of this under water wonderland starts in the shallow waters just off the beach and extends for miles offshore. This creates an underwater environment that divers of all levels can enjoy and explore.

Award Winning Beach Diving

Tiny Caribbean Fish The shallow reefs near San Juan, Dorado, Mayaguez and Humacao are perfect for snorkeling and beach dives. One of the most popular beach dives is in the Condado district of San Juan. From the beach you can explore reefs, caverns, tunnels and overhangs. Within this sculptured underwater world you can find schools of snappers, chubs and grunts. If you are patience and look real close you may even be able to spot an octopus or seahorse hiding in the coral.

These shallow reefs and beach dives are perfect for conducting discover scuba courses, certification courses and night dives. These shore dives are great for divers of all levels.

Offshore Diving in Puerto Rico

When scuba diving Puerto Rico you can find offshore dive sites spread around most of the island. We'll start our tour of offshore sites on the western side of the island.

Scuba Diving Puerto Rico

Rincon on the western shore is considered to be one of the most popular diving spots outside of San Juan. Here divers are treated to the rugged underwater terrain of Desecheo Island. This island is a giant pinnacle that rises 100 feet (33 meters) from the ocean floor to the surface. It then continues another 600 feet (190 meters) as it reaches for the sky. There are several smaller pinnacles scattered around the island. This creates some amazing underwater rock formations.

Mona Island, the Galapagos of the Caribbean, is one of Puerto Rico's natural wonders. More than 250 different species of fish have been found in the waters around the island. Giant sea turtles, whales, dolphins and world class blue marlins have been spotted as they migrate through the Mona Passage.

Because Mona is 40 miles west of the town of Mayaguez on the west coast of Puerto Rico, it requires a five hour boat ride to reach the island. This boat ride is not for the weak of heart (or stomach). The waters of the Mona Channel are normally very rough. Make sure you take some good seasickness pills before and during the ride. If you are lucky enough to get to Mona Island, the best diving is off the southern and western shores.

Puerto Rico scuba diving offers some great dive locations off the eastern shore. One of these is the Humacao region. This is considered by many divers to be some of the best scuba diving Puerto Rico has to offer. There are many great dives in this area (around 24). One of the best is the wall known as Red Hog. This fantastic wall starts at 80 feet (24 meters) and drops to an amazing 1160 feet (348 meters).

Diving in Puerto Rico would not be complete without a visit to the islands of Vieques and Calebra. These islands are located off the eastern shore and are known for their excellent dive sites.

Black and White Spotted Moray Also on the eastern side of the island you can find the coastal town of Fajardo and Palomino Island. Here divers can explore reefs, overhangs and miniwalls that are covered with variety of corals from soft gorgonians to giant coral heads. Moray eels and octopus can be seen darting in and out of the rock ledges.

Puerto Rico is truly a diver's paradise. From award winning beach dives to panoramic walls, scuba diving Puerto Rico has something for divers of all levels. It is not hard to see why Puerto Rico is one of the Caribbean's best world class dive destinations.

Puerto Rico Dive Travel Information

Here is some useful information if you are thinking about scuba diving Puerto Rico. On our dive travel information page, we have general information that people visiting the island need to know and we also have a list of dive shops on the island.

Enjoy diving in paradise.

Lobster in Puerto Rico

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