Planning Scuba Diving Vacations

Planning Scuba Diving Vacations

Scuba Diving Vacations are one of the best things about scuba diving. You have waited all year for that diving trip to Cozumel or Belize or maybe the Great Barrier Reef. Now all that is left is to get wet.

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Before you get wet, there is some planning to do to make sure this is an awesome scuba vacation. You need to plan things like...

  • Where you want to dive.

  • When you want to dive.

  • How you will get to where you want to dive.

  • Who you will be diving with on your dives.

  • What scuba gear you will take on your scuba diving trip.

You need to make your plan in as much detail as possible because the one thing you need will be the very thing you leave at home. Here are our best tips and advice which will help your trip run smoothly from start to finish.

After working for 15 years in the Caribbean as a dive instructor I've seen many scuba diving vacations go from good to bad because divers did not plan properly. There where problems like, "I'm here to sign up for my dives, but I left my c-card and log book at home." Or, "No one told me the sea was going to be so rough." Also, "What do you mean I can't do this wreck dive without an Advanced Open Water certification? It's only 130 feet." This can all be avoided by good planning.

Good planning starts with research. Time spent researching for your scuba diving trip is time well spent. You can research details about dive destinations, weather and sea conditions at certain dive spots, and dive shop in the area. You can research dive travel information and visa requirements and even find a dive buddy before you get to your dive destination. This can all be done on the internet or by reading dive magazines.

When planning scuba vacations many divers will choose to go during the winter months. These winter scuba diving getaways to a tropical location can help you make impressive savings and have a much more pleasant experience than sitting home in the cold.

Many divers choose scuba diving cruise vacations. This is a great way to see several dive destinations in one trip. You can find hundreds of beautiful cruise locations scattered across the globe.

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Another great source of information is to ask your friends about their scuba diving vacations. If they had a good time, they will be more than willing to tell you all you want to know. If they did not have a good time, it's probably best to choose another dive destination. In either case, first hand information is always good.

Good research and planning will help you uncover new attractions, heighten anticipation, enhance safety and maximize the pleasure you will get from your scuba vacation.

Let's see now. You are a certified diver, you have done your research and you have made a detailed plan. Now all that is left is to add water, get wet and have a great scuba vacation.


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