St Maartens Shark Awareness Dive

St Maartens Shark Awareness Dive

Face to Face With the Big Boys

Diving With Sharks

St Maartens Shark Awareness dive gives you a chance to get up close and personal with one of the most feared creatures on the planet. Diving with sharks on St Maarten could be one your most unique scuba experiences. If you can do only one dive when you visit the island, this is definitely the dive you want to do.

To get this close with these large predators is a spectacular event. Divers are in a semi-circle watching the shark feeder do his dance with these amazing creatures as they glide in to sample the food his offering. Divers may see 15-30 sharks up to 8 feet in length being feed.

If this doesn't make the hair on the back of neck stand up, nothing will. But whose idea was it to start diving with sharks on the island? This exhilarating scuba experience was started by Whitney and Bobby Keough. They are the owners of Dive Safaris Dive Center and started feeding sharks on the island back in 1998. They have developed St Maartens shark dives into on the most popular and sough after scuba events on the island.

Not only do you get to see sharks face to face, you can learn some very interesting facts about sharks. Whiney can even give you tips on how you can help protect sharks. Dive Safaris spent a lot of time researching shark dives before they started they own. They have worked hard to make their shark dive one of the best in the Caribbean.

St Maartens Shark Awareness dive happens twice a week. The dive take place in 55 feet/17 meters and last about 30 to 45 minutes. You can see Caribbean Reef sharks and Sharp Nose sharks when the dinner bell rings.

Dive Safaris

I have known Whitney and Bobby for a long time and I can remember when they first started Dive Safaris. From those humble beginnings they build one of the islands hottest scuba diving shops. They offer the full range of PADI scuba courses and conduct guided dives to all the best dive sites. Along with the Scuba Shop in Simpsons Bay, the have the best selection of scuba gear on the island. They are also proud supports of Project A.W.A.R.E. and their Protect the Sharks Program.

If you plan on visiting the island and do some scuba diving, St Maartens Shark Awareness dive is the dive you do not want to miss. It is a great opportunity to learn about and get face to face with one of the vital parts to the oceans ecosystem. Learn how you can help protect the sharks.

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